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Roadworthy certificates are something required when it's time to buy or sell a car. If you don’t provide a roadworthy certificate when selling your car, you can only sell the vehicle as unregistered. At our Frankston workshop we can help.

Same Day Inspection

At Marshall Automotive there are two qualified roadworthy testers on site, so most of the time we can perform an inspection on your vehicle on the day you phone. 

Is My Vehicle Roadworthy?

A roadworthy vehicle needs to suitably operate, meeting acceptable standards for safe driving and transporting people. The key words are "safe driving".

The roadworthiness scheme in Victoria aims to improve road safety for everyone, as well as minimize the damage caused by vehicles to roads and related structures. The scheme requires vehicle owners to get a roadworthy certificate before the vehicle can be sold or reregistered when the original registration expires. If you are selling your car please call us today, visit our Frankston workshop or book your car online.

Roadworthy Quotes

Giving an estimate for a roadworthy certificate without knowing more about the vehicle is difficult and can be inaccurate, and it is best that you speak with us directly or simply give the particulars via our handy contact form so we can get back to you with a more informed assessment on how much a roadworthy will cost for your car.

Cheap Roadworthys

Some roadworthy inspection centres might quote you a suspiciously low price to get you in the door. They aren't taking all the factors into consideration and there have been many reports of the price suddenly changing after you've booked your car in for that cheap roadworthy, or they might persist in suggesting those un-needed extras. For an honest price, call Marshall Automotive today!

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